Harkers Herbals

Harkers Herbals

With over 27 years experience, Malcolm Harker has been producing his own brand of unique and hand-made herbal remedies that seek to address a range of ailments in an all-natural way. Proudly New Zealand owned and made, Harker Herbals has been a long-time top-seller across the US, Canada and Asia.

We at Eclipse Wholesale work in directly with the manufacturers which enables us to provide you with the wide range and excellent bulk prices.

Harker Herbals are a trusted brand used by many happy customers including right here in New Zealand.

Some areas the range covers are:

Respiratory & Winter Health
Digestion & Detox
Energy & Vitality
Stress & Sleep
Specific Healing Tonics
Enhanced Wellbeing
Balms, Salves & Skincare
Childrens Health
Specific Healing Elixirs
Cosmetics & Personal Care
Natural Hair Care

Some of Harker Herbals top-selling products include:

Deep Lung Support (500ml, 250ml)
Healing Salve – 900 (30g)
Intestinal Cleanse (500ml, 250ml)
Ear, Nose & Throat Tonic (500ml, 250ml, 100ml)
Sea Salt with Sea Kelp – 1022 (500g, 300g)
Chest Clear (500ml, 250ml)
General Tonic – 566 (500ml, 250ml)
Natures Chest Rub (30g)
Luxuria Shampoo 1035 (250ml)
Thyroid Balance (782) (500ml, 250ml)
Immune Tonic (250ml, 500ml)
Adrenal Tonic (250ml, 500ml)
Expectorant Support (250ml, 500ml)
Bladder Support (250ml)

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