It all started in 1996 as a family business with a single, revolutionary new product – Pure New Zealand Bee Pollen.

As New Zealanders discovered its numerous health benefits, bee pollen’s popularity quickly grew into the range and proud brand we have today that is Abeeco!

Uncompromising quality…

Abeeco constantly strives to bring the the best and most effective/innovative natural products and formulations to our valued customers. Abeeco draws on the latest international research and findings.

Our products are proudly manufactured in NZ (New Zealand). Our products are always in a controlled environment according to very strict procedures including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), which is reviewed frequently.

New Zealand – no better place on Earth…

Exceptional results come from exceptional ingredients.

New Zealand is buzzing with some of the world’s best quality, nutrient-dense ingredients. Our largely untouched, unique environment with unpolluted air, clean water, plentiful sunshine and fertile soils produce an abundance of natural healing and nourishing ingredients for the body – both inside and out.


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