We are now distributing New Zealand Honey Co - including a UMF 5 - 20+ Range!

Why Partner With Us

We're here to help

We're interested in your pain points, we have a deep understanding of the issues you face, and will work with you to develop tailored, innovative solutions that work.

Eclipse Wholesale is 100% focused on clients like you, and opportunities/challenges like this.

The right products

Eclipse Wholesale has access to 18,000 lines of genuine healthcare products from over 230 reputable suppliers, sourced either directly from our official distribution partners, or from the manufacturer.

The supply chain is guaranteed. New Zealands a great place to do business, it’s corruption free, and regularly voted ‘the best place in the world to do business’.

Top selling brands include offerings from our official distributor partners, including: Bio Island, MaxigenesBreath Pearls, Top Life, Springleaf, Mavella Superfoods, Lilly & Milly, Naki honey, Abeeco, Lakoko and more.

Quit smoking brands such as Nicorette, Nicotrol, Habitrol, including bulk Habitrol.

New Zealand natural health ranges including Trilogy, Grans Remedy, Antipodes, Antiflamme, Thompsons, Clinicians and Artemis. Also NZ Honey products and infant milk powder.

Top pharmaceutical movers include:

  • Flixotide® (fluticasone propionate)
  • Imovane® (zopiclone)
  • Duolin HFA Inhaler (Salbutamol / Ipratropium bromide)
  • Celebrex® (celecoxib)
  • Spiractin (spironolactone)
  • Ventolin® Inhaler (Salbutamol)
  • Propecia® (finasteride)
  • Estrofem® (17ß-oestradiol)
  • Crestor®

At the right price

We're strategically positioned to offer you products at well below average wholesale prices. The New Zealand regulatory and business environment, along with the value of the NZ dollar keeps prices low. Our superior negotiation, razor thin margins, great supplier relationships, scale and reputation also help us with cost control.

Shipped on time

We have shipping systems in place to make your life easy. If we're taking care of shipping, we’ll get you your goods at lightning speed, in great condition.

Most products are on hand, with most shipping ‘next day’, from our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our Warehouse

We work mostly out of a fully audited pharmacy warehouse situated close to the airport in Auckland, New Zealand, and also have a base in Gore, Southland, at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand.

Great systems

Sales, customer relationships, finance, importing and distribution operations are all supported by intelligent, state of the art systems, processes and technology … all built for the future.  

And with service you’ll remember

You’re dealing with real people here at Eclipse Wholesale. Each member of the team is carefully selected for their dedication, knowledge and professionalism, and each one is committed to succeeding in this industry.

Our customer service mantras are honesty, integrity and respect. If anything should go wrong, we firmly believe it’s all in the 'putting it right'. We're here to help.

A list of the core values that make up the culture at Eclipse Wholesale are detailed below. They describe our culture and what values apply to our whole organization.

  • Honesty, integrity and respect for our customers
  • Positive and passionate people
  • A unified team
  • A happy, enjoyable and fulfilling work environment
  • On-going commitment to ‘World-Class’ standards in products we sell and customer care

Our Courtesy system:

Right from the company’s inception, we have looked to develop a system of courtesy – (a set of rules we follow as a team) to ensure our core values of integrity and respect are maintained at all times, with all our contacts, starting with our customers.

At Eclipse Wholesale, we have six rules of courtesy that we follow:

  • Speak politely using a person's name, 'please' and 'thank you' as a minimum
  • Immediately apologize and make restitution if you are in the wrong or if someone is upset by your actions
  • Greet and farewell everyone by name
  • Blame the system not a person
  • Always tell the truth
  • Use positive conversation

18 years experience

We're a stable, trustworthy, professional company with nearly two decades’ experience in the wholesale pharmacy business. Our dedicated team comprises of trained Pharmacists, sales agents, customer care representatives, webmasters, business development/new business, marketing specialists and warehouse staff.

Safe & secure

We take your security and privacy seriously. All financial transactions with Eclipse Wholesale are safe and secure. We accept payment by International fund transfer, escrow, letters of credit and credit cards and PayPal (with conditions).

All communications and transactions are fully confidential. We won’t share your personal or company details with anyone.

Sustainable business

Eclipse Wholesale is fully committed to balancing profits with serving the planet – we plant a tree for every 10 orders we receive on the sacred Huriawa peninsula in Karitane, Otago, New Zealand. Our tree planting programme offsets 100% of the carbon generate by the business.

This site isn't transactional, next steps are to contact us. We'll take a quick brief from you, and will send you our tailored response in less than 2 business days. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to serve your wholesale pharmacy needs, please let us know how we can help further.