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Aldara Cream 5% Sachets 250mg 12 Tabs

Aldara Cream 5% Sachets 250mg 12 Tabs

Aldara Cream 5% Sachets 250mg is a popular product for treating all types of skin conditions. Common examples include: solar keratosis (SK) on the face and scalp, superficial basel cell carcinoma (sBCC), and genital/perianal warts. Aldara contains the active ingredient imiquimod, which activates immune cells in the body to attack and remove viruses or cancer cells.

Solar Keratosis - also know as actinic keratosis, SK is scaly patches of skin caused by too much sun exposure.
Basal Cell Carcinoma äóñ a type of skin cancer.
Genital/Perianal warts (condyloma acuminate) äóñ warts that appear on the surface of the penis or vulva (external female sexual organ) and around the anus.
Aldara acts as an antiviral and antitumour agent by activating immune cells in the sensitive area where the cream is applied. Stimulating these immune cells in the outer layer of the skin causes the body to secrete chemicals (called cytokines), which fight off foreign invasions, such as that caused by genital and perianal warts and skin cancers. Cytokines can also induce inflammatory reactions in the skin, which helps the body restore damaged, sunburned skin from solar keratoses. Once the damaged cells are destroyed, the skin lesions are replaced by new skin.
In most cases Aldara should be applied just before bedtime and left on the skin for 6-10 hours, but consult a doctor before use.
Active Ingredients:
Imiquimod 12.5mg
Isostearic acid
Benzyl alcohol
Cetyl alcohol
Stearyl alcohol
White soft paraffin
Polysorbate 60
Sorbitan monostearate
Methyl hydroxybenzoate
Propyl hydroxybenzoate
Xanthan gum
Purified water

Do not use Aldara:
if you are allergic to imiquimod or to any of the ingredients.
on skin where there are open sores or wounds. Do not start using Aldara until after the area has healed.
on warts inside the vagina or inside the anus or inside the urethra (where you pass urine). The use of Aldara cream on these areas has not been studied.
on areas that are sunburnt
if the packaging is torn, or shows signs of tampering.
after the "use by" date shown on the box or sachet.
if you are under the age of 18, as no studies have been conducted on this age group.
Consult you doctor before using Aldara if:
you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant.
you are breastfeeding or intend to breastfeed.
you are, or you think you are, HIV positive.
you are taking any other medicines.
you have previously used Aldara cream or other similar preparations to treat your condition.
you have problems with your immune system.
you have an abnormal blood count.
you currently have, or in the past have had, any other medical conditions.
Store below 25 degrees Celsius in a cool, dry place and do not freeze.