All Natural Kids Pops Range

All Natural Kids Pops Range

The All Natural Kids Pops Range is a breakthrough in getting medicine in to sick kids. Drawing on both the natural comfort children get from sucking and the delight they get from eating lollipops, this range provides relief to kids when they are distressed or unwell. Hugely popular in Australia, the range has gone global and is enjoying widespread success in the US and Asian markets. There is always steady supply of this range and we can give you low cost bulk prices to help you thrive in the natural childcare health market.

Providing natural, gentle and effective medication especially designed for children, All Natural Kids Pops have changed the way medicine is administered to kids. The homeopathic remedies should be sucked and not chewed in order to assist absorption of the active ingredients. The range is all natural, does not induce drowsiness, has no sugar, no alcohol and no preservatives.

The range can assist with the following:

Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Travel sickness
Sore throats
Inflamed gums

Some of All Natural Kids Pops best-selling items include:

Herbal Sunshine D Pops (10 Lollipops)  
Herbal Honey C Pops (10 Lollipops)
Herbal Travel Pops (10 Lollipops)
Herbal Super C Pops (10 Lollipops)
Kids Travel Sickness (10 Lollipops)
Kids Cough Orange (10 Lollipops)
Kids Cough Apple (10 Lollipops)
Kids Cold (10 Lollipops)

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