Antipodes Skincare and Makeup is made in New Zealand and is Certified Organic. They sell in twelve countries with a significant market in China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Canada and France.

Their range is based around natural formulations with scientifically validated performance. Antipodes has continued to be a best seller due to the multiple awards they have won as well as a huge amount of editorial reviews. 

With a strong focus on environmental responsibility and sustainable practices, customers are reassured that this is a company playing it's part in global awareness - making them a very attractive skincare and makeup option. Our wide range of Antipodes products come at low costs, ensuring you access to a fast growing corner of the health care market.

Their range focuses on the following:

Serums and Treatments

Here at Eclipse Wholesale, we work directly with Antipodes to bring you their best selling products at low bulk prices. Our team is ready and waiting for you order, ensuring fast and hassle-free delivery.

Some of Antipodes' top selling products include:

Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream
Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream
Apostle Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum
Organic Divine Face Oil
Aura Manuka Honey Mask
Ananda Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner
Organic Resurrect Clarifying Facial Toner
Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser
Organic Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream
Mineral Foundation
Organic Lip Balm
Aroha Lipstick

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