Arimidex Tablets 1mg 30 Tabs

Arimidex Tablets 1mg 30 Tabs

Arimidex Tablets 1mg is great for treating early, advanced or metastatic breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Arimidex tablets can also be used as additional treatment for early breast cancer, in conjunction with other breast cancer treatment, such as tamoxifen (consult your doctor first). Although Arimidex does not kill cancer cells, it does stop or slow their growth.

Oestrogen is the female hormone involved in producing secondary sexual characteristics, such as breast development and in regulating the menstrual cycle. The primary source of oestrogen production in postmenopausal women is the ovaries. Many breast cancers have oestrogen receptors and their growth is stimulated by oestrogen, meaning that oestrogen is fueling their cancer growth. Arimidex main ingredient, anastrozole, prevents the production of oestrogen so that oestrogen-dependent breast tumours cease growth.

Take with a glass of water once a day with or without food. You should continue taking your Arimidex tablets 1mg for as long as recommended by your doctor, but in early cases of breast cancer, for no longer than 5 years.ξ
Consult your doctor before use.

Active Ingredients:
Anastrozole (1mg), an aromatase inhibitor that blocks oestrogen biosynthesis and is used to treat breast cancer.
Sodium starch glycollate
Magnesium stearate
Macrogol 300
Titanium dioxide

Side effects may include:
Hot flushes
Joint pain or stiffness
Skin rash
Gastrointestinal upset (nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea)
Feeling weak (asthenia)
Vaginal dryness and bleeding
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Hair loss
You should not use Arimidex tablets if you:
are allergic to anastrozole or any ingredients in Arimidex.
are premenopausal, pregnant or breastfeeding.
have kidney or liver disease.
are taking medicines that interact with Arimidex including: oestrogen containing medication, tamoxifen, another breast cancer drug (consult your doctor).
Store below 30 degrees Celsius in a cool, dry place.