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AveoTSD (Anti-snoring Aid)

AveoTSD (Anti-snoring Aid)

AveoTSD is a revolutionary snoring aid apparatus designed to help you sleep safe and soundless during the night. On our retail site, Sol Pharmacy, we have shifted 1400 units in the last 12 months, and we have reason to believe that this figure will only increase. We currently stock AveoTSD in our warehouse, so shipping time is minimal. And, as always, our low bulk prices provide you with the competitive edge in the current market.

AveoTSD is a prescription-free, inexpensive and non-invasive way to stop snoring. It is clinically tested to treat snoring and sleep apnoea, and has many positive reviews online. AveoTSD works by stabilising the tongue, thereby preventing it from blocking the airway äóñ which causes snoring.

This innovative anti-snoring device is popular worldwide. Undisturbed sleep is important for an energetic and productive next day, and with AveoTSD, a full nightäó»s sleep is possible for the victim of sleep apnoea, as well as their partner.

AveoTSD is FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved as well as being deemed suitable for treating sleep apnoea by other government agencies around the world. We, at Eclipse Wholesale, work directly with AveoTSD and its distributors to offer you low bulk prices giving you the opportunity to impress your customers.

Customers can even prove that AveoTSD is working by using an app on their phone to track their reduced snoring while using the product.

Below is a news report with Dr. Chris Robertson, creator of AveoTSD, describing the product.

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