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Azopt Eye Drops 1% 5mL

Azopt Eye Drops 1% 5mL

Azopt Eye Drops 1% 5mL is a leading product in the fight against glaucoma and other ocular diseases. It is used, either alone or in combination with other eye drops, to reduce pressure in the eye äóñ specifically to treat ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma. Included in the class of drugs known as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, Azopt Eye Drops works by decreasing the amount of fluid in the eye to relieve pressure.

Our eyes are constantly forming and draining fluid. When there is an imbalance of fluid, either from too much fluid production or from fluid not draining from the eye properly, pressure inside the eye increases. Azopt Eye Drops work by reducing the amount of fluid the eye produces.

One drop in the affected eye(s) three times daily

Active Ingredients:
Brinzolamide 10mg/mL
Preservatives benzalkonium chloride (0.1mg/mL)
Sodium chloride
Disodium edetate
Purified Water

Side effects may include:
Blurred vision
Bitter, sour or unusual taste
Dry eye
Ocular discharge
Ocular discomfort
Ocular pain
Consult your doctor before use if you:
Are allergic to any of the ingredients
Have liver problems
Have severe kidney disease
Are pregnant, or intending to become pregnant
Are breastfeeding
Are taking any other medicines
Do not use eye drops more than recommended by doctor.
Do not use while wearing contact lenses.
Not recommended for children.