Benefiber is the fast-spreading fibre supplement that makes increasing your fibre intake easy and convenient. Its popularity in the US market, being stocked by large chains such as SamŠ—Ès Club and Walgreens, has only increased interest for Benefiber products elsewhere in the world. In the UK, market giants Tesco and Boots both stock Benefiber.

At Eclipse Wholesale, we work directly with Benefiber and its authorised distributors to bring you the best bulk prices possible. This allows you to offer competitive product prices and increase your customer satisfaction.

Taking Benefiber means that you can spend less time choosing the right foods to provide the fibre you need. Benefiber is tasteless and can be added to your favourite drinks and soft foods. It can also be used in cooking without altering texture or consistency. As well as in powder form, Benefiber is available as a chewable tablet or capsule supplement.

Our top Benefiber products include:

On-The-Go Sticks 28 Servings (98g/3.4oz) [12 Pack]
Powder (350g/12.3oz) [6 Pack]
Powder (261g/9.2oz) [12 Pack]
Powder (155g/5.4oz) [4 Pack]

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