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Combantrin Chocolate Squares

Combantrin Chocolate Squares

Threadworms can easily and effectively be treated with CombantrinξChocolate Squares. ξCombantrin is Australia and New Zealand's most trusted and best selling worming treatment on the market. ξAs such, it has enjoyed a huge growth in popularity andξsales across both Asia and the US. ξCombantrin stock is on hand and ready to ship with great pricing and margins on this product.

Product Notes:

Combantrin is a single does treatment for Threadworms, Roundworms and Hookworms. ξIt works by paralysing worms, causing themξto lose energy, and then die -ξenabling them to then be passed out through the faeces. ξIt is a proven treatment with proven results and is made with real Cadbury's chocolate making it great tasting as well.

Available sizes:

24 squares

Active Ingredients:

Each square contains -ξ

Pyrantel Embonate equivalent to 100mg Pyrantel.


Adults and children should take one 100mg square for every 10kg of body weight (the equivalent of 10mg of pyrantel per 1 kg of weight). This should be taken as a single dose, with fluid, after food.


You should not use Combantrin chocolate squares if you suffer from acute liver disease.
If you are pregnant or wish to treat a child under 1 year of age then consult your doctor before beginning treatment.
You should not take Combantrin adult strength tablets if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.


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