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Coumadin Tablets

Coumadin Tablets

Coumadin Tablets are used to actively treat and prevent blood clots (thrombosis). Being an anticoagulant (also known as a äóÖblood thinneräó»), Coumadin can help stop blood clots before they lead to serious health problems such as strokes or heart attacks.

Blood clots occur as the bodyäó»s natural response to damaged blood vessels to prevent excessive bleeding. Other causes of blood clots include when the blood flow is disturbed (if a blood vessel is blocked due to fatty deposits), if blood flow slows down due to reduced mobility, or in the event of heart failure or an irregular heartbeat.
Coumadin is specifically designed to treat people at risk of a blood clot, like after a mini stroke or those who experience an irregular heartbeat. Coumadin can be used alone or in combination with other medication äóñ consult doctoräó»s recommendation before use.
Our available doses include:
Coumadin Tablets 50 1mg (beige/tan colour)
Coumadin Tablets 50 2mg (lavender colour)
Coumadin Tablets 50 3mg (green colour)
Active Ingredients:
Warfarin, an anticoagulant that inhibits the production of vitamin K dependent blood coagulation factors
Lactose anhydrous
Starch äóñ tapioca
Stearic acid
Magnesium stearate
Quinoline yellow indigo carmine
Take tablet(s), swallowed whole, with or without food once daily at the same time each day.
Your dose depends on your response to warfarin, determined by a blood test called the prothrombin time test (PT), which measures how long your blood takes to clot.
Continue to take Coumadin for as long as recommended by your doctor.
Side effects may include:
Haemorrhage (excessive bleeding) from any tissue or organ äóñ including the brain
Bloody urine
Stomach pain
You should not use Coumadin if you:
Are allergic to any of the ingredients
Are pregnant or breastfeeding
Have kidney or liver disease
Have recently had, or are about to have, major surgery that could result in severe bleeding
Consult your doctor before using Coumadin if you are on medication or to discuss whether Coumadin is right for your condition.