Flucloxacillin Oral Solution Sugar Free

Flucloxacillin Oral Solution Sugar Free

Flucloxacillin Oral Solution Sugar Free is a popular antibiotic for treating bacterial infections, such as skin and soft tissue infections (e.g. infected wounds/burns, ulcers, eczema, abscesses), respiratory tract infections (e.g. pneumonia, tonsillitis, quinsy), and other related infections (e.g. urinary tract infections, meningitis, osteomyelitis).

Flucloxacillin Oral Solution can also be used to avoid infections during major surgical procedures.

Flucloxacillin Oral Solution belongs to the group of antibiotics known as penicillins. It works by targeting and killing the bacteria that causes the infection. This results in the relieving of symptoms leaving you healthier and bacteria free.

Flucloxacillin Oral Solutions available:

Flucloxacillin Oral Solution 125mg/5ml 100ml
Flucloxacillin Oral Solution 250mg/5ml 100ml

Active Ingredients:

Flucloxacillin (as flucloxacillin sodium)
Sodium Citrate Anhydrous
Disodium Edetate
Sodium Benzoate
Citric Acid Monohydrate
Collodial Anhydrous Silica
Xanthan Gum
Saccharin Sodium
Menthol Flavour
Lemon Flavour
Strawberry Flavour


Take on an empty stomach, at least 30-60 minutes before meals to improve absorption of flucloxacillin.

Consult your doctor for your individual dosage information.

General Dosage:

Adults (including the elderly): 250mg, 4 times a day
Children (2-10 years of age): 125mg, 4 times a day
Children (under 2 years of age): 62.5mg, 4 times a day
It is not recommended for premature or babies less than 4 weeks old.


Do not take Flucloxacillin Oral Solution if you:
Are allergic to any of the ingredients
Have previously had liver problems from taking flucloxacillin
Consult your doctor before taking Flucloxacillin Oral Solution if you:
Are over 50 years old
Have any serious illness other than infection
Have impaired kidney function
Have liver problems
Are taking any other medication
Are pregnant or breastfeeding