Fortisip by Nutricia make popular drinks, shakes and powders that provide nutrients to help fight off malnutrition, often caused by illness, injury or age. Nutricia is a UK based company that is the largest specialist nutrition company in Europe. We work directly with Nutricia and its distributors to give you savings that you can pass on to your customers.

Fortisip products contain the proteins, vitamins and minerals needed for a nutritionally complete diet. It is primarily used for people who cannot maintain a balanced diet by eating solid food. Fortisip is also lactose and gluten free, but should not be used by people with galactosemia.

Our warehouse is currently stocked with Fortisip, which is ready to be shipped. Our low bulk prices ensure that you can compete in the market and will help you reach your profit margin goals. Fortisips popularity in Europe can be taken advantage of, both in Europe and around the world.

Check out our most popular Fortisip products:

Liquid Food Vanilla (200ml) [24 Pack]
Vanilla Powder (350g/12.3oz) [12 Pack]
Liquid Food Chocolate (200ml) [24 Pack]
Multi Fibre Liquid Food Chocolate (200ml) [24 Pack]

Other flavours include: banana, strawberry, toffee caramel, and tropical fruit.

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