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Haldol Deconoate Injection Ampoules

Haldol Deconoate Injection Ampoules

Haldol Decanoate Injection Ampoules are used to treat many different kinds of mental health problems. It works by blocking a certain chemical in the brain, which is thought to affect a persons thinking, feelings and behaviour. This makes Haldol Decanoate Injection Ampoules a useful treatment for relieving the symptoms of schizophrenia and other psychoses.

Haldol Decanoate Injection Ampoules use sesame oil to help control the gradual release of haloperidol. This allows haloperidol to assist in relieving symptoms for around 4 weeks.
Haldol Decanoate Injection Ampoules available:
Haldol Decanoate Injection Ampoules 50mg 1ml (5 Pack)
Haldol Decanoate Injection Ampoules 100mg 1ml (5 Pack)

Active Ingredients:
Each ml contains 50mg/100mg haloperidol
Sesame oil
Benzyl alcohol 1.2% (preservative)

Your doctor or nurse will inject haloperidol depot deep into a muscle. A single dose will usually last for 1 month.
Keep regular appointments for this treatment, as stopping suddenly can cause complications. Consult your doctor before stopping treatment.

Side effects may include:
Abnormal muscle movements or problems controlling muscle movement
Difficulty sleeping
Feeling agitated
Consult your doctor before taking Haldol Decanoate Injection Ampoules if you:
Are allergic to any of the ingredients
Are pregnant or breastfeeding
Have heart or circulation problems
Have breathing problems
Suffer from Parkinsons disease
Are currently taking any other medication