Hydrodol Hangover Capsules

Hydrodol Hangover Capsules

The ultimate cure for hangovers, Hydrodol Hangover capsules replace what your body loses when you drink, better enabling you to feel better the next day. This item has been hugely popular right across Australia, the US and Asia due to its effectiveness. Eclipse Wholesale has stock on hand and ready to ship at low cost prices. 

Product Notes:

Hydrodol has been proven to lessen and sometimes eliminate altogether the after effects of drinking known as a…hangover. It works by replacing the nutrients your body loses during the consumption of alcoholic beverages. ξNutrients like vitamins, minerals, sugars and amino acids. 

Available sizes:

8 Capsules


Each capsule contains:

Alanine 10.5mg, Leucine 7.5mg, Isoleucine 7.5mg, Valine 7.5mg, Glycine 3mg, Serine 1.5mg, Phenylalanine 0.15mg, Tyrosine 0.15mg, Histidine 0.15mg, Glutamine 0.15mg, Asparagine 0.15mg, Proline 0.15mg, Lysine hydrochloride 0.15mg Theronine 0.15mg, Methionine 0.15mg, Cysteine 0.15mg


Sodium phosphate 3mg, Sodium bicarbonate 2.25mg, Magnesium aspartate 0.30mg, ferrous funarate 0.30mg


Corn Maltodextrin 168.45mg, Sorbitol 63mg, Dextrose monogydrate 21mg


Ascorbic acid 0.90mg, Nicotinamide 0.30mg, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate 0.30mg, Calcium pantothenate 0.30mg, Riboflavin 0.30mg, Thiamine hydrochloride 0.30mg


Alpha lipoic acid


Take 4 capsules while drinking.ξ
Alternatively take 4 capsules the morning after drinking.


Always read the label and use as directed.ξ
Vitamins are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.

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