Karen Murrell Lipstick Range

Karen Murrell Lipstick Range

Karen Murrell lipsticks are proudly New Zealand made using only the finest natural ingredients from ethical and/or renewable sources. The lipstick range is a top seller across New Zealand, Australia and Asia due to the rich colours and their all-natural formulations.

With manufacture right here in New Zealand, Eclipse Wholesale can provide you with low prices and fast delivery on these items. ξThese are a must have to gain an edge in the ever-growing natural makeup market.

Hailed as vegetarian lipsticks, the Karen Murrell range is made with no animal-based materials and are not tested on animals. They are long-wearing and do not feather. Using all natural ingredients, customers can rest assured that these products are safe for long term use.

We at Eclipse Wholesale work directly with Karen Murrell to bring you their top quality products at the lowest bulk prices around. Our warehouse is stocked and our logistics team is waiting for your orders and promises fast delivery.

Some of Karen Murrells top-selling Lipsticks include:

Moisture Stick Lip Balm (4g)
Coral Dawn Lipstick (4g)
Poppy Passion Lipstick (4g)
Violet Mousse Lipstick (4g)
Cordovan Natural Lipstick (4g)
Carnation Mist Lipstick (4g)
Camellia Morning Lipstick (4g)
Red Shimmer Lipstick (4g)
Peony Petal Lipstick (4g)
Fuchsia Shock Lipstick (4g)
Pink Starlet Lipstick (4g)

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