Karicare Vitadol C Solution

Karicare Vitadol C Solution is a formula designed specifically for children and infants. It contains Vitamins A, C and D. Vitadol C has been enjoying strong sales lately especially across China and the US. 

Product Notes:

A formulation for infants and children who may need assistance with ensuring adequate vitamin intake due to illness, low appetite or fussy eating. Comes in a convenient dropper which can be mixed with liquid or food. We have stock on hand and ready to ship - this product has generally very stable supplies.

Available Doses:


Active Ingredients:

Each gram, or 30ml drop contains:

Vitamin A 2000mcg
Vitamin D 35mcg
Vitamin C 100mg

Also contains orange essence, saccharin and sodium benzoate 0.5% w/w.


Mix 10ml with water, milk or food. ξTo be taken once daily.


Store below 25 C
Store in refrigerator once bottle has been opened
Do not freeze
Use within 2 months of opening

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