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Kiwiherb Range

Kiwiherb Range

Kiwiherb produce a unique range of herbal formulations in Auckland, New Zealand. They are 100% natural, expertly developed products which combine the wisdom of traditional herbal medicine with the validation of modern research.

Kiwiherb has grown in popularity and continues to enjoy strong sales across Australia and Asia. We can offer you the range at low bulk prices with fast delivery.

Kiwiherb is made from New Zealand grown ingredients, sourced in a sustainable and ethically sound manner.

The Kiwiherb range can help with the following:

Childrens health
Stress & Sleep
Digestion & Detox

The best-selling range includes:

Childrens Chest Syrup (100ml, 200ml)
Childrens Throat Syrup (100ml, 200ml)
Childrens Echinature (50ml, 100ml)
De-Stuff for Kids (50ml, 100ml)
Kids Calm (50ml, 100ml)
Baby Balm (50g)
Herbal Chest Syrup (100ml, 200ml)
Herbal Throat Formula (50ml, 100ml)
WinterGuard (100ml, 200ml)
Herbal Throat Spray (30ml)
Echinacea Capsules (60 Capsules)
Liver Cleanse (50ml, 100ml)

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