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Oasis Beauty

Oasis Beauty

Oasis Beauty is a company who produce natural skin care products with an emphasis on skincare for sensitive skin.

They delivery high performance products using locally grown natural and organic ingredients.

Oasis Beauty is based in Canterbury, New Zealands not far from Eclipse Wholesales warehouse.

This enables us to work with them directly assuring you low prices and expedient delivery.

Oasis Beauty has taken off in the US and Chinese markets lately, making them a must have product line.

Researched and developed for over 15 years, Oasis Beauty is committed to natural skincare products made especially for those with sensitive skins.

The Oasis beauty range encompasses the following:

Cleansers & Tonics
Face Masks & Scrubs
BB Creams
Sun Care

Some of their best selling products include:

Oasis Sun SPF30 (50ml, 250ml, 500ml)
Apple a Day Anti-Ageing SPF25 Moisturiser (50ml)
Hot Toddy Super Hydrating Serum (15ml)
Lips & Lashes 3-in-1 Serum for Sensitive Eyes (15ml)

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