PediaSure provides children with the necessary protein, vitamins and minerals required for healthy growth.

Clinically proven to help kids grow, PediaSure comes pre-mixed in bottle form and is available as a powder. Its popularity in America, in giant chains such as Target, Cosco and Walmart, has sent it worldwide with similar results.

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PediaSure is appropriate for almost all children as its gluten-free, kosher and halal, and is also suitable for kids with lactose intolerance (not for children with galactosemia). On top of this, PediaSure tastes great with five flavours to choose from: chocolate, vanilla, berry, strawberry, and banana.

PediaSure is the pediatricians number one recommended brand in America, and its popularity reflects this. PediaSure satisfies quality requirements, while we enhance customer satisfaction by providing prices with minimal mark up. These savings can then be passed on to your customer base, thereby improving your supplier-customer relationships.

Check out our top PediaSure products below:

Chocolate (200ml) [30 Pack]
Vanilla Powder (850g) [12 Pack]
Strawberry (200ml) [30 Pack]
Vanilla (200ml) [30 Pack]

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