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Red Seal Floradix Range

Founded in 1923, Red Seal is one of New Zealand's most trusted natural health brands.

Their range of herbal remedies has helped many a customer through varying ailments. ξIn more recent times,

Red Seal's Floradix range has sold very well overseas - particularly through Asia.

Eclipse Wholesale is able to offer you this popular range at fabulous bulk prices, together with fast delivery times.

The key values of Red Seal have stayed remarkably consistent over the years. People who are looking for premium health and to be the best they can be, have turned to Red Seal's Floradix.

Using both science and naturopathic knowledge, the range provides expertise to help support and protect health and well-being. Part of their brand ethos is to make the best quality products available at the best price possible, to make good health affordable and accessible.

The Floradix range can help with the following:

Iron deficiency
B Complex Vitamins
Vitamin C
Children's Health

Their best-selling range includes:

Floradix Formula (500ml, 250ml)
Floravital - Yeast Free (250ml)
Floradix Calcium Magnesium Mineral Drink (250ml)
Kindervital for Children (250ml)
Floradix Tablets (84 Tablets)
FloradixξMagnesium Mineral Drink (250ml)

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