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Symbicort Inhalers are widely used for preventing attacks caused by obstructed airways (asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The NHS (National Health Service) in the UK and Medsafe in New Zealand recommend the regular use of Symbicort as a way of preventing attacks of breathlessness.

Symbicort works by relieving inflammation thus causing airways to widen, helping you to breathe more easily. Using Symbicort regularly at the same time each day is proven to relieve symptoms of airway diseases.

It is important to note that Symbicort will not give you fast-relief of your symptoms once an attack has started.

Symbicort products available:

Symbicort 200/6 Dose Special Stock (60 doses)
Symbicort Turbuhaler 100/6 (120 doses)
Symbicort Turbuhaler 200/6 (120 doses)
Symbicort Turbuhaler 400/12 (60 doses)

Active Ingredients:

Inhalation powder is made up of a combination of budesonide and eformoterol


Dosage information can change depending on your condition and its severity. Follow your doctors recommendations.


Side effects may include:
Mild irritation in the throat
Thrush (fungal infection in mouth and throat)
Rapid or irregular heartbeat

Do not use Symbicort if you:

Are allergic to any of the ingredients
Are pregnant or breast feeding (unless advised by your doctor)
Consult your doctor before using Symbicort if you are currently taking other medication or have any of the following medical conditions:
Thyroid problems
Any heart problems
Problems with your potassium levels